Enrique Iglesias Tickets 2011 & Enrique Iglesias Tour Dates UK

Enrique Iglesias tickets for his 2011 UK tour are now on the market and we’ve collected all the latest prices so you can find the cheapest ticket from a trusted seller. Just look below!

Enrique was born into music, being the son of Julio Iglesias, the old school Latin charmer. He’s no doubt got performing in his genes then – though at his concerts it tends to be a bit more pop than crooner. Expect there to be lots of hip thrusting if his recent racy video, Tonight (I’m Loving You), is anything to go by.

Here’s the run down of the ticket prices:

His album”Euphoria” did amazingly well internationally, and the star still has a huge amount of backing from the Sanish speaking world – however in the UK the record only peaked at number 6 in the charts. His greatest hits album just a few years ago however went to a very respectable number three. I like it, a song taken from his latest album too didn’t chart too sahbbily, coming in at number four.

The best thing about Enrique coming to the UK though will be the interviews. He is surprisingly candid in what he says and has a playful sense of humour.  Here’s an example of a quote: “I had a normal childhood. There were women, but it wasn’t like Hefner’s Playboy Mansion. If it was, I’d still be living at home!”

Interviewers are definitely going to push him to reveal details about his relationship with tennis star Anna Kournikova too. Over the last eight years the couple have managed to play their cards fairly close to their chest. However, Anna did let it slip last year that the pair have no actually got round to tying the knot as yet.

Anyway, hope you get the ticket your after!

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