Recalling the debut of Enrique Iglesias on Sabado Gigante

Enrique Iglesias will be Thursday at Premio Lo Nuestro to deliver a tribute to Don Francisco for 50 years on television. Choosing the Spanish singer is very special because not only is an international artist and friend of Don Francisco, but it chose Sabado Gigante to make his musical debut in 1995. Churches like many artists began a successful career in the most-loved of Hispanics.

The presentation of Enrique was a phenomenon, we recall that even the police had to intervene because the girls got out of the stands and jumped on him.

We dust our archives and found the script for the debut of Enrique Iglesias on Sabado Gigante.

Don Francisco: Those who worked for many years in show business, we find it hard to imagine one of our children starting this race and is mainly because success is something you enjoy, which generates feelings of pleasure but also, success is something that can easily destroy the life of a human being.

Today we have a great debut on the show, Sabado Gigante has chosen to begin his career as a singer but wants to present its own identity, you can not avoid noting that the son of one of the great figures of the contemporary world popular song Willie Nelson .

Understandably nervous about what we should receive him with great affection, now Sabado Gigante Welcome to Enrique Iglesias.

On the screen we knew more about the life of Enrique Iglesias.

Is the youngest son of Julio Iglesias and Isabel Preysler. He began working in the music without their parents knowing it. We could say that he led a double life as the day he studied business administration and at night went to the house of his friend to prepare his musical career. Neither his brothers Julio and Chabeli knew what he planned. His nanny Elvira Olivares was his confident is his first album is dedicated it. Julio Iglesias When her father found out he said: “Do what you want, but always do it right. This is serious.” His musical style is romantic pop ballad. From their debut album composed five themes. The first song he released was “If you go away” and made his video clip with a U.S. model.

Don Francisco: But this release has caused much excitement in Spain, for example I know one of the most famous television did a live two hours with you from the United States. Your father was surprised because it never did it.

Enrique Iglesias finally debuted on the stage of Sabado Gigante with the theme “If you’re leaving.”


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