Enrique Iglesias Talks Britney Tour Snafu

Enrique Iglesias sat down with our Brooke Anderson to talk about his new tour, why he didn’t join Britney Spears on hers, how he handles groupies and dating Anna Kournikova.

Before his current tour which kicks off Sept. 22 in Boston, Enrique was involved in a bit of a touring snafu when it was announced he’d be touring with Britney Spears. “I truly respect Britney Spears and I am a fan. What happened is everything came together so fast, it wasn’t finalized and the announcement was made…I felt so bad about it.” But don’t think Enrique wasn’t enthusiastic about working with Britney, saying, “It would have been a great idea and I would have loved to go on tour with her.”

Instead of Britney, the “I Like It” singer will be joined by Pitbull and Prince Royce. So how does the 36 year old stay in touring shape? “I’m not,” the humble singer laughs, “the doctor told me (I) have one of those South Beach bodies. You look like you’re in shape, but you’re not really in shape. You look skinny. You don’t have a lot of fat, but I can’t even run half a mile.” If only the rest of us could be so lucky.

Surprisingly, you’d think that with all of those screaming fans Enrique would want to be in running shape or at least have decent security. “You are not going to believe me, but never in my career have I ever hired a security guard.” Enrique values his independence saying, “for me, having someone next to me the whole time, taking care of me, is a little too much.” Though he adds, “don’t get me wrong, there are times you need it.”

Unfortunately Enrique fans, the singer is still happily with long-time girlfriend Anna Kournikova. “Its tough to find someone especially in this environment, in showbiz, that understands what you do is not the easiest thing in the world,” adding, “I think relationships are tough period.” For now you’ll just have to check him out at one of his nearly 20 stops as it “should be a fun tour.”

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