Enrique Iglesias unleashes ‘Euphoria’ in Mexico City

Mexico City (MEXICO). With a full house, Enrique Iglesias shook the National Auditorium when shortly before nine p.m. appeared on stage to perform in Mexico City the first of three performances of his tour ‘Euphoria’.

Amid the constant calls from the public and shouts of the fans, Enrique Iglesias and his group of musicians made their way to start the presentation with ‘Tonight’ theme that brought the audience up, who never stopped cheering the Spanish idol to minutes played ‘Heartbeat’, ‘Do not tell me no’, ‘Rhythm Divine’ and ‘Bailamos’.

Dressed in jeans, white shirt and cap, the interpreter remained constant approaches the public with whom he shared the microphone, danced and took pictures.

Late in the half of the show, Enrique Iglesias invited on stage to a 17 year old girl who sang along to “Por Amarte,” “Never Forget You” and the classic ‘Religious Experience’, which earned him standing ovations from an audience multiplied, in total surrender, chanted from start to finish the lyrics of that song that was launched to fame in 1995.

Minutes later, surrounded by a colorful setting, and having sung ‘Cry For You’, the winning artist detonated one of the climactic moments of the night to play his song ‘I Like’ and then follow with ‘Be With You’ and ‘Tell me’ song that marked a prelude to the end of the show animated robotic lights, confetti and white balloons were released to the public, mostly remained standing throughout the show.

Given the emphatic request of the fans, Enrique Iglesias ended the night with ‘Hero’, ‘Escape’ and international hit ‘I Like It’ to be dismissed and thanked the Mexican public.

Click here to see the original article in spanish.


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