Enrique Iglesias love to Monterrey

Convinced that Monterrey will rise from the slump that crosses and remains the Sultana del Norte, this is how the singer Enrique Iglesias arrived on Tuesday to the city for a concert.

The singer of “Cuando me enamoro” came at 19:30 o’clock in Monterrey airport on a private jet, then hurry to go to the Auditorium Banamex and finalize details of the start of his tour in Mexico.

In place and minutes before going on stage, Enrique took the time to live with some of his fans who follow the seasons as FMTU Multimedia Radio. And in a good mood, smiling and even very accommodating, Enrique took pictures with each of these, distributed kisses and chatted a bit.

The excitement of returning to a city that immediately opened the doors at the beginning with the disk where hits came off as “religious experience” was evident.  Dressed in blue sweater, military pants, tennis and traditional cap.  For about 10 minutes Enrique was left wanting for their royal, who brought him up to present.

It is one of the cities I most want, but if you have come to light many very bad things, I hope that soon all this happens because you are a big city, “said Enrique MILLENNIUM exclusively for MONTERREY.

The singer revealed that the onset of Euphoria tour started in Monterrey for the great love he has and to help to be good news to be published in the world of Nuevo León.

“Look, I am not of those artists who canceled concerts, if I’m here is for something.  I wanted to start this tour in Monterrey, it is very important.  I know better things to come and enjoy the party, “continued the interpreter.

Also took the opportunity to reveal that he decided to make his controversial video for “Tonight” with locations in Los Cabos and Mexico City.

The joy was so evident back the singer revealed his innermost secrets, those performed before taking the stage to get connected with their fans and make them vibrate with your music.

“Do you really want to know what we do before getting on stage?  Then go and know the truth, I get mourn, I cry a lot, like a child without consolation, “he said amid laughter. “Now, seriously, we take a few tequilas, and a few rums, to take the stage with great energy,” a term the singer.

From his album “Euphoria” claims to have been one of the greatest successes in his career, while the constant harassment of the press ensures not take much importance, as they have always been very accommodating to him.

One question that fans have always wanted to know if there is any picture where his fans borrows a camera and takes a snapshot between her legs.

“Not at all, there is not a picture of that, because that would end my career, then why I can not worry in that regard.”

Click here to see the article.It was originally in Spanish.


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