Enrique Iglesias charms Windsor

The crowd was on their feet, clapping and waving their hands high above their heads even before Enrique Iglesias emerged from behind a sheer curtain during his first song. They stayed that way, singing, cheering and laughing at Iglesias’s antics throughout the sold-out show at Caesars Windsor’s Colosseum Wednesday night.

The 35-year-old Spanish pop sensation played to a crowd of 5,000, and he certainly knew how to win over an audience.

Dressed in a simple T-shirt, jeans and a ball cap, Iglesias moved from end to end on the stage, doling out high-fives, signing autographs, bouncing balloons back into the audience, and even taking someone’s cellphone to snap a photo of himself — aimed from his belt into his pants.

He performed a mix of upbeat dance songs and slower tunes, and English hits such as Hero and I Like It and a mix of Spanish songs such as Bailamos, Por Amarte and Lloro.

The vast majority of the audience was female, and many admitted they were eager to witness Iglesias’s physical charms as well as his musical prowess. “(The music) is really upbeat. All the songs are really catchy,” said 19-year-old Emily Griffiths, who has been listening to his music since the late ’90s. “And, he’s really good looking,” she added.

Though men were a tiny demographic at the show, it’s clear Iglesias’s looks were a clear attraction for them, too. “He’s got a lot of appeal, baby,” said longtime fan, James Baker. “I’m really hoping he’s taking his shirt off this evening,” said the 62-year-old.

As fans of Iglesias’s father Julio, Chuck and Margaret Sergison thought they’d take their chances on Enrique even though they weren’t very familiar with his music. The 77-year-olds travelled from Livonia, Mich., for the concert. Though blind, Margaret said Enrique’s looks still mattered to her. “It’s nice to know that young men are nice looking,” she said.

Chuck busted out some of his own Latin moves during the show, impressing those around him and enticing several young women to join him.

When Iglesias asked the crowd how many men were there because their wives “made” them attend the show, he singled out one couple and invited them onstage to sing. A Windsor man named Vince took over the mic and treated the audience to a lengthy rendition of Suspicious Minds as Iglesias chatted with Vince’s wife, Wendy, and then applauded Vince’s performance, hugging both before sending them back out into the crowd to enjoy the rest of the show.


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