Top 5: Los mejores sencillos (Enrique Iglesias on List)

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Si hablamos de estrenos en lo que va del año, no nos podemos quejar. Tan sólo en dos meses, La Princesa del Pop hizo su gran regreso, pero GaGa no se quiso quedar atrás y contraatacó con un sencillo bastante polémico, esto, mientras JLo comenzó su lucha por demostrar que no ha perdido su lugar en la música y ni hablar de Shakira o Enrique Iglesias poniendo lo latino entre lo más sonado…
Sabemos que no la tienes fácil, pero te invitamos a escuchar cada uno de estos sencillos para que elijas aquel que consideras como el mejor de esta temporada.

Tres años tuvieron que pasar para Britney Spears buscara recuperar su corona como Princesa del Pop y su intento comenzó el pasado 11 de enero cuando las radios de Estados Unidos sonaron a ritmo de Hold It Against Me, primer sencillo del que será el nuevo material de Brit. La canción recibió grandes críticas, sobre todo de los fans de la cantante,  que lo volvieron rápidamente en el tema más vendido en iTunes a sólo unas horas de haber salido.

Enrique Iglesias

Hablando del sol… ¡este tema está que arde!.. Y, aunque muchas se hagan las ‘santitas’ sabemos que si Enrique Iglesias les canta Tonight no podrían decirle que no a la propuesta que la letra les hace… Nosotros no lo vamos a repetir en estas líneas, pero dudamos que exista alguien que no haya escuchado esta canción que tan polémica ha sido desde su estreno y que, por cierto, está sólo incluida en la versión europea de Euphoria.

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Enrique Iglesias causes ‘Euphoria’

That women love, no doubt, and that the knights are identified by their songs, either.Your name, Enrique Iglesias and in any place that shows just cause “euphoria.”

This was demonstrated this weekend in Guadalajara, a city in which Enrique offered a successful two concerts Feb. 24 and another 25 in the Auditorio Telmex as part of the tour Euphoria Tour.

El Siglo de Torreón was present at the first of the shows, which recorded a full house as the second.

Even before nightfall Iglesias fans of all ages, beginning to reach the exhibition, including two who live in La Laguna Pearl and Susana Ochoa Mariana Rios. The second told this newspaper that, “Enrique is the ultimate, the best singer, greetings to my countrymen of the Shire.”

The assistants, one by one they occupy their places at the same time afforded to other beverages or ate snacks, and being at 9:40 pm the singer left the stage.

With his traditional hat, light blue shirt, jeans and brown shoes Enrique began his musical party with her new single Tonight and Do not tell me no.

The cries of the women shook the room and he said excitedly.  “How are you Guadalajara, are you ready” with a resounding “yes” by the public continued her recital.

Rhythm Divine and Bailamos were delivered following the Spanish melodies while walking and sometimes running around the center and ends of the stage to his followers from all locations to see him better.


After offering viewers more of their current affairs announced that the artist would sing some with which he began his career in the 90’s.

Thus, up to a father and daughter on stage to sing acoustically three rolas, including Por Amarte and religious experience, the latter had a monumental choir since almost all the souls who went to the Auditorium interpreted together with Enrique.

This, as to the path of the son of Julio Iglesias, he returned to cry for you And when I fall, the theme of the telenovela of the same name and for which, Enrique virtual attended by Juan Luis Guerra, who sang their parts of the grounder through three LED screens with which told the show.

Like every beginning has an end, the recital of Spanish is coming to an end.  Tempers followed up on this occasion to Be With You “and” Do you know”, pieces that he was dismissed, however, their fans would not let him go and of course returned but not on stage but the center of Telmex causing euphoria and surprise on particularly among women.

Among those who were in that area chose a, who sang Hero and then hugged her and gave her a kiss on the mouth.

To top the evening gold-Spanish Mexico Escape Enrique Iglesias performed and success of the moment I Like It.

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Enrique Iglesias-Mexican Super Deluxe Edition (Fan Pack)


Difrutando inmensamente mi tercer show en Mexico! Gracias nuevamente Guadalajara!!! Y no se olviden de seguir participndo para ganar la edicion de EUPHORIA que hice para ustedes: Mexican Super Deluxe Edition (Fan Pack)regístrense en


Enjoying immensely my third show in Mexico! Guadalajara Thanks again! And do not forget to continue to gain participndo EUPHORIA editing I did for you: Mexican Super Deluxe Edition (Fan Pack) register at

This is from Enrique’s twitter.

Enrique Iglesias to the public crazy Tapatio

More than ten thousand fans gathered at the Auditorio Telmex sang and chanted for nearly two-hour concert that featured the Spanish singer Enrique Iglesias, who has the power to go crazy any enclosure.

Enrique Iglesias is total energy, jumps and moves and as magically appears in different places, but the most extraordinary thing is this singer is the connection with his followers, who served beautifully and gets mad just by their presence.

The son of actor and singer Julio Iglesias Guadalajara can be whenever you want, and will always be filled at their concerts because what he does not do anyone, and who cares about each of the people who attend their concerts and also enjoys playing and making people feel involved in their “show.”

Just saw the slender figure of the interpreter, and thousands of screaming with excitement tapatías hit, then become a mass choir that performs each stanza of the songs of this singer, who is adored by the warmth that shows every time you step on Jalisco.

A Enrique costs nothing to interact with the public, just raises his hands to heaven and people respond in the same way, but best of this artist is looking to their fans, to everyone, and moves around the stage and in the audience, to touch his hands, shoulders and kissing women.

Some fans waited 45 minutes to start the show, after the singer offered apologies for the delay, which was not necessary, since all the public forgot to Enrique known on stage.

With typical cap, blue jeans and a shirt, the singer began his concert with the songs “Tonight”, “hearbeat”, “Do not tell me no,” “Rhythm Divine” and “Bailamos”, then say hello to followers, all those above and those below, the side and those were located in any area of the enclosure.

Then a man called to the stage to sit next to him, like his six musicians and chorus, as if they were in the room of your house begins to talk, gives you a drink and is pleased with song.

This gentleman, for a few minutes become part of the team of Churches, confessed that he brought his 15 year old daughter to the concert, so Enrique makes up for singing in his ear three other topics, and not only that, hugs and kisses to have that physical contact than usual.

Also delighted the audience with “In love”, “religious experience” and “cry for you” and then toast with a glass “for all the families of Guadalajara who are happy with their children.”

The concert continued, and Enrique moved from one place to another, mainly by a walkway that ran when he played his songs, while leaving the fans to be touched, even to many “lucky” kissed and allowed them to be photographed at his side, or even, I sang in my ear.

The song “Cuando me enamoro” ended up causing mass hysteria, and “Do you know,” people raised their hands to heaven, as requested by the artist at the moment it started to fall a shower of papers.

So, followed the singer never said no to a photograph, even he is wealthy and taking photos, hugging her fans through their performances.

However, manages to provoke howls to appear in the middle of the people and elect a 17 year old to sing in my ear, hugging, even trapped inside his shirt to feel closer contact with his followers and perform “Hero” and kiss the lucky teenager.

To close with a bang playing “Escape” and “I like it”, topics that meet the expectations of the audience, who undoubtedly wanted to go again today in his second date in this city, or whenever comes this acclaimed character.

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