Bulgaria’s M-Tel to Give out 30,000 Raincoats at Iglesias Concert

Bulgaria’s first and largest mobile phone operator M-Tel will give out 30,000 raincoats at the concert Wednesday, dedicated to its 15th birthday.

The raincoats will be given for free at the entrances to the concert. The reasons are the forecast for rainy weather and the restriction for umbrellas due to security measures.

On Tuesday, the English pop girl group Sugababes announced they will skip their performance in Sofia because of a health problem of one of the singers.

However, the concert will still feature Enrique Iglesias and DJ Sonique. Iglesias has been performing for 15 years and this was the main reason for the organizers to invite him at their celebration.

The 35-year-old Spanish singer, who is currently promoting his last album “Euphoria”, will perform for the first time in Bulgaria.

Much more experienced is the British DJ Sonique, who will have her fourth performance in Bulgaria.

The concert, which is free to the public, is Wednesday night behind the “People and Earth Museum” in downtown Sofia, near the National Palace of Culture.


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